About us

Who we are?

Created in 1998 by Jean-Philippe BLOT, AIEX is an independent company specialized in technical inspection, quality assurance and Non Destructive Testing, the activities of which are based in France and abroad.

Strongly linked to a robust professional network as well as to our regular customers, connected to experienced and highly qualified technical teams we are presently involved in the big international projects and working together with the main national contractors in the industrial domains such as nuclear power, oil & gas, chemistry, shipyards, military, mining and construction.

We suggest a wide range of personalized services allying performance, reliability, safety and quality, acting within the respect of our values and of our ethics.

AIEX is able to meet your needs in terms of quality, reliability and compliance of your facilities by offering a wide range of personalized services.

We are at your disposal to talk with you about your needs which will be for us, our priority.

Our Fields of Activity

Oil & Gas



Meet the Team

Jean-Philippe BLOT

Owner - CEO
Certified ISO 9712 RT3

Anne-Sophie THOMAS

HR Manager

Damien LEBEL

Lead Inspector
Certified ISO 9712 RT3 - PT3

Thomas AGNES

Martinique Manager
Certified ISO 9712 UT2 - PT2 - MT2

Our ressources

To best meet the needs of our customers and their specificities, we rely on our teams of technicians, inspectors certified at least level 2 and level 3 COFREND, PCN, ASNT, CSWIP, API and/or NACE and ACQPA FROSIO for the coating and anticorrosion inspection and on our technologists and engineers holders of IWT, IWS, EWT, IWI, IWE, EWE and ESSA, EAPS certifications for the field of welding. Our entire staff meets the current international standards (RCC-M, EN 473, ISO 9712, ASME, etc.)

We are also connected to a robust network of collaborators gathering profiles of 52 different nationalities, being regularly updated and whose reference point is automatic aim to guarantee the quality of the skills offered to our customers.

These multicultural and multilingual teams allow us to respond with efficiency and responsiveness to the needs our customers express and guarantee their an immediate accessible, experienced, adaptable and operational staff.

Our whole staff followed strong technical training courses and justify many years’ of on-field experience in their specialties. Their seriousness and their rigor associated to their technicality make them trustful collaborators and guarantees of the quality of the services which supply to our customers.

To bring to a successful conclusion to every mission confided to us, in particular to the non-destructive inspection and testing activities, we use a wide range of equipment such as:

  • Ultrasonic examination facilities and associated holds (classic, phased array & TOFDT)
  • Magnetic weighted clamps and the associated equipment (field strength meters, Berthold’s cross, etc.)
  • Infrared Thermal camera
  • Light viewing boxes
  • Densitometers
  • Contact thermometers
  • Lux meters
  • Endoscopes
  • Etc.