EEVLH & American MOX projects

Project Information: EEVLH (Extension of Storage Glasses The Hague) & American MOX

Welding inspection on boilers,  pressure vessels, mechanical, piping, plumbing 


  • Changing ducts dissolver for the AREVA La Hague plant
  • Inspection and recipe of making baskets storage of irradiated fuel (PWR)
  • Technical Assistance for the AMERICAN MOX projects
  • Construction of EEVLH (Extension of Storage Glasses The Hague) under the Quality Government of 1984 (during 2 years)
  • Control stack emissions of AREVA LA HAGUE buildings
  • Radiographic expertise (COFREND level 3) for various files of piping and sheet metal equipment
  • Weighinghopper K-TRON


AREVA La Hague


Since 2007